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Crystal Clear Optical is a 100% independent wholesale lab that was founded in April 2020. In just a one year’s time, we have begun producing our own private labeled digital freeform PAL Rx and stock lenses.

In addition, We are a dynamic group of professionals who are passionate about making top quality eyewear lenses accessible to the global market. Our team brings years of valuable experience in the global ophthalmic lens industry and precious insights that enable us to deliver the best products, the best lens supply chain and consistent new developments.

Our goal is to offer an exceptional product range where we don’t stop at “better”, and go the extra mile for true value for money for all independents. Because at Crystal Clear Optical, we are more than your lens supplier, we are your lifetime partner for all your optical needs.

As your lifetime partner, we support you by proactively providing solutions and new ideas to drive business results and much better margins than the norm. You can be confident and assured; When you partner with Crystal Clear Optical, you can count on us to support you with a continuous flow of new products, accessible innovation 365 days of the year, the highest quality eyewear, and a true independent freedom.

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Whether you are looking for digitally surfaced freeform lenses or even finished stock lenses; Crystal Clear Optical has the full line of services that will meet all your needs. Because by making lenses better with high performance, better functionality & prolonged sustainability; that is “Where Quality, Meets Clarity.”

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Our Lenses

Our extensive lens range addresses the mass market with a good balance of value & volume. We have over a few million lenses in stock. Combined with next two day stock lens delivery, this service allows our customers to offer superb leading services to their customer base, supported by a fantastic user-friendly online ordering platform that enables efficiency anytime, anywhere.

To compliment our Finished Single Vision Stock Lenses, we introduced our digitally surfaced Rx lenses; which includes premium & freeform progressive, bifocal, office, occupational, Anti-Fatigue, and Single Vision lenses in a variety of lens materials and lens indices. With each lens produced at the highest standards and an average delivery time of 5-8 working days!

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Together We Are Stronger

By supporting each other, we can achieve greater heights that were out of reach before. You will be supporting independent practices, ophthalmic laboratories, wholesalers & distributors in our quest for optical lens purchasing freedom.

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