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We offer one of the most complete ranges of lens treatments and coatings available today. From Diamond-Strength Scratch Resistance and Anti-Reflective Coatings, to a wide range of tinting and protective hydrophobic treatment options, we have everything that you need.

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Crystal Diamond HC

Diamond Strength & Durability

Our Crystal Diamond treatment is a premium scratch resistant coating that works FOR YOU. It is designed to protect the lens from any potential damage caused from an everyday-wear lifestyle. It is important that your lenses meet your customers’ needs, and much of this comesdown to the longevity and quality of these coatings. By applying our Crystal Diamond hard coat, you will increase the useful lifespan of your lens without compromising on the optical clarity offered.

Our premium scratch resistance coating ensures a high standard of durability and increased longevity. We use a high quality thermally cured dip hard coat which offers the best scratch resistance while still providing the most durable ingredient for an AR coating application.

  • Tintable to various fashionable colors
  • Top tier durability and scratch resistance
  • Manufactured to order
  • Available on 1.50 CR-39, 1.56 Mid-Index, 1.59 Polycarbonate & 1.60 High Index
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Crystal Clarity AR

Reduced Glare & Reflection for Crystal Clear Vision

Our Crystal Clarity AR utilizes a high quality coating formula which offers the highest durability and levels of protection against the effects of reflective glare as well as harmful UV rays. This treatment is conceived to perfectly integrate with the lens itself. Our AR coating is designed for optimum performance and crystal clear vision in all conditions, while also known for its stability and its high quality.

Lenses treated with Crystal Clarity AR offers perfect vision for driving, computer work, watching TV, or even being outside in the brightness of nature. There is ZERO compromise with our Crystal Clarity AR

  • Protects the eyes against reflective glare from natural and manmade lights (ex. Digital devices)
  • Offers optimum performance and crystal clear vision at all times
  • Essential treatment for high index, photochromic and polarized lenses
  • Can be produced in both prescription and non-prescription lenses
  • Available on all lens material and indexes
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Crystal Clarity AR+

Top Tier Anti-Reflection Technology for Crystal Clear Vision

Crystal Clarity AR+, our most premium hydrophobic anti-reflective coating, offers the same benefits of Crystal Clarity AR and water repellency; but further enhanced at a molecular level using proprietary chemistry. Our Crystal Clarity AR+ treatment binds together the molecules of the lens, thus leaving no space for water to penetrateand create permanent water damage. Water stains, smudges, dirt and fingerprints are usually more prominent as they hamper the anti-reflective properties of the coat. However with Crystal Clarity AR+, that is no longer the case.

Crystal Clarity AR+ means no matter what environment the wearer encounters, they will have clean, clear, and long-lasting lenses. This treatment takes our amazing AR coating to an even higher level of water, dirt, grease, and dirt repellency.

  • Increases the lifespan of the lenses & Offers the anti-glare properties of our popular Crystal Clarity AR treatment
  • The most advanced type of hydrophobic treatment, with an AR transmission of 99.5%
  • Dirt and grease no longer stick, so the lenses can remain cleaner for a longer period of time
  • Makes the lenses easier to clean and maintain
  • 2x more scratch resistant & longer lens durability
  • Avoids dust accumulation on the lens, thus reducing the frequency of lens cleaning
  • Comes standard with the hard-wearing Crystal Diamond coating
  • Can be produced on both prescription and non-prescription lenses
  • Available on all lens materials and indexes
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Crystal Guardian AR+

High-Level Protection From Harmful Blue Light

The Crystal Guardian AR+ formula is designed with the daily protection of our eyes in mind, and more specifically, the protection from the harmful blue-violet light we are all exposed to on a daily basis. This incredibly durable coating formula that we use takes in account our daily increased exposure to blue light (both natural & artificial). As well as wear, tear, and damage that lenses can be exposed to on a daily basis.

The Crystal Guardian AR+ treatment neutralizes potentially harmful blue light, preventing the eye strain and fatigue that results from prolonged exposure. The coating prolongs the lifespan of the lens and offers premium scratch resistance, water repellency, and crystal clear vision due to its strong hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.

  • Reduces the exposure of blue light by 48%
  • Decreases the risk of daily and long term eye strain, as well as the associated health risks (headaches, back & neck strain, tiredness, and Age-Related Macular Degeneration)
  • Helps ensure regulated and better sleep patterns
  • Better contrast perception offering a more natural color experience
  • Both indoor and outdoor protection, which is appropriate for anyone who is exposed to high levels of blue light from both environmental (sunlight) and artificial sources (digital devices, light bulbs, etc)
  • Comes standard with all the benefits of Crystal Diamond, Clarity AR, and Superior Clarity AR coatings
  • Dust free -- avoids dust and smudge accumulation on the lens
  • Can used on both prescription and non-prescription lenses
  • Suitable for both adults and children of all ages
  • Available on all lens materials and indexes
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Crystal Reflection

Practical, Protective & Fashionable Mirror Coating

Our Crystal Reflection treatment is primarily used on non-prescription and fashion lenses, but can also be used for prescription lenses as well. We offer a number of colors and effects (from flash to solid mirror) depending on your needs and desires. A back-side AR coating is strongly recommended for any mirror coated lens. Which you can combine for both fashion & function.

Mirrors are available in several basic styles. Solid mirrors are a classic sunwear look, especially in silver, gold, and blue. Gradient mirrors (which are solid mirrors at the top of the lens, then fade to nothing towards the middle of the lens) provide maximum shading of overhead sunlight, while still allowing more light to pass through the middle & lower parts of the lens. This is beneficial for drivers & cyclists or people who like to read outdoors.

Double-gradient mirrors are also functional, because they are dark at the top & bottom, but lighter in the middle. Double-gradient mirror coatings are an excellent choice for snow skiing and other winter activities, because they provide excellent protection from both overhead sunlight and light reflecting off the snow on the ground.

  • WIth the wide range of mirror coating effects we offer, you can easily keep up with both the practical & fashion related requirements of your target market
  • Available in Solid, Dual Color, Double-Gradient, & Gradient + REVO
  • Available on CR-39, TAC & Polycarbonate lenses
  • Protects the eyes from the glare and any potential harmful UV rays emitted by the sun
  • Available with Crystal Diamond hard coat & (back side) Crystal Clarity AR
  • Available in 1.50 CR-39, 1.56 Mid-Index, & 1.59 Polycarbonate
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Crystal Tint

Colors and Finishes for Function & Fashion

In addition to offering protection and improved vision, eyewear today is seen as a fashion accessory. This makes our Crystal Tint treatment the perfect choice for all eyewear providers. Not only can you offer crystal clear vision, you can also add a number of different finishes and effects (such as solid/gradient tints) in a limitless range of colors. All the while being 100% confident that the lenses you stock are as practical as they are fashionable.

Crystal Clear Optical offers tints that match any request for lenses with a wide range and ability of tinting manufacturing options based on customer trends and preferences.

Our range of tints include everything from classic shades -> customized ones that march your each and every specification.

Using an advanced scientific color technique, we can formulate any color you request. WIth color densities ranging from 5% to 90%, we offer tints in multiple designs including gradient tints, mirror tints, and solid tints.

Offered anywhere from standard colors such as Grey, Brown, and G-15 to any fashionable color you wish to achieve!

  • Available in standard colors Grey, Brown, G-15; as well as any custom-made colors
  • Offered with Absorption (ABS) from 5% to 90%
  • Perfect for prescription & non-prescription eyewear
  • Available with Crystal Diamond hard coat & (back side) Crystal Clarity AR
  • Available on a variety of lens materials: 1.50 CR-39, 1.56 Mid-Index, 1.59 Poly, 1.60 High Index, & 1.67 High Index

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