Digital Rx Lenses

Our Freeform Single Vision Lenses

Are The Best In Vision, Clarity, and Individuality.

We manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses from the simplest single-vision lens to the custom, individual, high-resolution digital freeform lens. Due to our proprietary lens designs, we are able to provide you with premium digitally surfaced single vision lenses in a wide variety of materials and coatings to accomodate your specifications.

Take a look at our Freeform Single Vision Lenses below and see why it is superior to your present supplier in quality, options, and cost.

Unify™ SV

We have combined all the benefits of a digitally surfaced lens with the demands & wants of a single-vision lens, to create a revolutionary single-vision digital freeform lens called Unif-Eye.

These lenses are aspheric and atoric, made with Freeform innovative technology that provides high precision to the lens and minimizes the aberrations & astigmatic disturbances. The optimized design of Unif-Eye is improved in the near vision zone with 2 available additions: 0.50 / 0.75 (addition values should be specified when ordering). Thanks to the optimization of the lens, switching between the fields becomes smooth & easy, and you are able to quickly focus as well as adapt your surroundings effortlessly.

Unify™ SV+

Recommended for people with visual fatigue associated with digital devices

Unify™ SV

Great for people who have difficulty getting used to new glasses

Unify™ SV Sport

Excellent for wrap around & high-curve frames

Our Freeform Progressive Lenses

Are The Best In Adaptability, Quality, and Crystal Clarity.

Progressive lenses are the best option to correct presbyopia. Crystal Clear Optical provides a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics, and comfort all within a single pair of lenses.

Digital lens surfacing is truly a revolutionary technology that has opened a whole new world of concepts & techniques for lens production. The superior precision of this technology enables us to create a virtually infinite number of optical combinations special and unique to each and every one of your patients; as well as develop an exceptional lens design. With digital surfacing technology, we can bring

Crystal Easy HD™

Crystal Easy HD™ is our cost effective progressive lens with lots of added value!

With a softer design in the distance periphery and a harder design in the near periphery; we are able to provide an improved dynamic distance peripherial vision, while ensuring a wide field of near vision.

Easy to work with all day, every day at a reasonable price!

Crystal Comfort HD™

Crystal Comfort HD™ is a mid-level priced lens progressive designed for everyday wear and optimized for first time progressive wearers.

With its perfect balance of clarity in both far and near vision, as well as large zones for both distance and intermediate; Crystal Comfort HD™ excels at decreasing astigmatic and peripheral disturbances for the best comfort all day long.

Crystal Extreme HD™

Crystal Extreme HD™ is our high-end freeform progressive lens. It is the top lens of choice when it comes to unmatched performance and usability.

This next generation lens has a variable base and design that distributes diopter progression on both front and back.

Prioritizes key components such as digression and visual angle; resulting in the reduction of astigmatic disturbances in the peripheral areas by 50% and reduced aberration by 30%.

Crystal Edge HD™

Crystal Edge HD™ is a World-Class Progressive Lens Design that is highly sought out for its: edge-to-edge clarity in all distances; while utilizing cutting edge technology that provides users with ultimate comfort and performance. And best of all.. With NO compromises!

Since the lens design is custom tailored to the individual's unique prescription, abberations are placed outside visual zones--creating a viewing experience that is wider than any standard progressive lens.

Crystal Edge HD™ is designed for everyone, but custom crafted for you.

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